NEVER give CyberPower your money

I didn’t think it would take five months. This was free form. I literally bent pieces and if didn’t look right I would take it down and do it again. And there was this 2:00 AM email my friend sent which was answered in less than 15 minutes! I guess your mileage may vary My friend was overjoyed when the system arrived in a very sturdy package that protected it perfectly. So far, the new system has not had any issues with the build or hardware. My friend could have built the system himself (or asked me) but the standard one year of full warranty INCLUDING SHIPPING was worth the slight amount I could have saved. All of the accessories from the RETAIL version of the components (not the OEM) were shipped in a box clearly labled “What’s all this stuff?” I’ve heard a lot of good feedback on Puget from other friends in the US as well. Keep up this level of service and quality, and they will be getting more and more customers._______________________________________________________________________________________________________Please Hear me out theres one opinion you HAVE to take my word for. NEVER give CyberPower your money.

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